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Transportation for conferences in Broward County necessitates experience, organization, and a high level of customer service and communication.  With activity, events, and traffic in every corner of the county, convention shuttle navigation can be difficult and unpredictable.   

If you are a conference organizer, East Coast Limousine offers considerable knowledge and established experience with conference shuttles in Broward County.

Conference Transportation

5 Reasons Why Organizations Should Host Conferences in Broward County, Florida

Whether it’s time for a fraternity reunion, a church group retreat, or even for small and large companies alike to gather together for team building, you’ll need a destination for your conference. Why stay in the snow and cold when you could get everyone together in Florida?

This is precisely why more and more companies and organizations of all types and sizes are gravitating toward Florida for these major conferences. More specifically, they’re zeroing in on Broward County, home to Fort Lauderdale and its stunning beaches. It’s a great alternative to Miami when choosing a tropical destination if you want to be within the action yet far enough away to enjoy the peace.

With sunny days, an endless coastline, and world-class accommodations, Broward County has become a mega-magnet for travelers for business and pleasure. The thriving cultural scene and abundant opportunities for entertainment make this slice of South Florida a prime place to come together for a conference.

Here’s why you should book your conference in Broward County…

Airport Convenience 

Conferences, even in the name of business, are far more enjoyable when you’ve got easy access to the airport. This makes it less likely you’ll wind up in the wrong spot or spend a small fortune trying to take a cab or Uber to your accommodations. You want to set the tone for the meeting as one of fun and growth, not stress everyone out.

Vibrant Global Destination 

While Miami tends to get a lot of recognition for being a global destination, Broward County also has this incredible mix. It’s the place where companies and organizations gather for global conventions, meetings, and trade fairs. On top of that, there are ample opportunities for entertainment all around, which makes planning a conference in Broward County as easy and breezy as a day on the beach.

Outstanding Accomodations

With a vast array of meeting and conference rooms throughout the county, you’ll find the right style and vibe for hosting your event. Broward County is peppered with phenomenal hotels, both inland and right on the beach. Whenever you’re ready, this county is ready to welcome you in to discover the area and more about your organization, making it enjoyable for all your attendees.

Endless Adventures

Any time of year, the weather in Broward County is a tropical oasis. Choose the beach for miles of pristine waters, or stay inland and make a trek to the unforgettable Everglades. There are so many ways to engage with the area and build your bond with your teammates. Take a river cruise or traverse the parks once you’ve finished taking care of business. There are endless opportunities to embark on adventures that every attendee will love.

Amazing Ambiance

Broward County is full of unique neighborhoods that echo their own vibes. Head to Fort Lauderdale and experience the classic Fort Lauderdale Strip from bygone spring break days. Visit charming Hollywood for a retro beach boardwalk experience. Stay inland in Sunrise and explore the Sawgrass Mills Mall and its outlets, or catch the Florida Panthers in action at the arena. From charming Lighthouse Point to Dania Beach and its iconic pier, there are miles upon miles of sights, activities, and delicious foods to try.

Above all, the exceptional facilities really do make coming together in the name of a talking shop a much more enjoyable experience when you book your conference in Broward County.

And when you use East Coast Limousine for your event and meeting shuttles we ensure that your conference guests leave and arrive at your meeting locations pleased and stress-free. 

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