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Event and Meeting Shuttles

Event and Meeting Transportation Services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Convention Center Transfers and Shuttle Service

Experience, organization, customer service, and communication are necessary when arranging and managing transportation for events, meetings, conferences, weddings, and conventions.

It doesn't matter if you are in charge of handling the transportation issue for a public event or the upcoming annual gathering of the employees. Group management is always challenging and takes a strong sense of organization. Even for seasoned staff, taking care of hundreds of people while making sure they get to the site safely and on time is a challenge.

You need East Coast Limousine for this reason. Our support staff will implement a customized plan to ensure that your day goes just as you had intended.

You want to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible, whether you're going around the corner or a hundred miles away. Hiring a transportation shuttle will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and relaxation for your event or meeting. Plush seating, air conditioning for the heat outside, and a full line of entertainment options are available in many of the shuttles.

You don't have to stress about choosing the most efficient route to your destination. This is due to the fact that the driver has already completed the navigation. 

To guarantee that every guest at your event arrives at your destination safely, our shuttle drivers are highly trained, licensed, and insured. You won't again have to be concerned about navigating the city's streets or traffic again when you hire a transportation shuttle for your event or meeting. Simply unwind, sit back, and take it easy while traveling with your friends or coworkers.

Your complete group will arrive on time when you use East Coast Limousine as your transportation provider. Even when your shuttle drive includes numerous stops along the way, and you are traveling a great distance for a business retreat or conference. You only need to provide us with your itinerary, and we'll arrange ahead of time rest intervals and snack stops to make sure everyone on board is as comfortable as possible along the entire route.

Our team of logistics experts knows how to make sure that everyone gets to their destination securely and in a secure area. They will plan ahead to deliver you to the ideal location for your function. You don't want to have to walk a mile to the event. This is when using a shuttle service's convenience of being dropped off directly at your location is useful!

Our thorough familiarity with South Florida, its hotels, resorts, convention centers, and venues helps us execute event and meeting shuttles successfully. We understand how bad transportation may change an attendee's perception of an event.

Customers of East Coast Limousine travel to an infinite number of locations and scheduled events. Some just last a single day, while others involve overnight or weeklong excursions. One of the finest ways to make any South Florida event you're arranging genuinely unforgettable is by using a charter bus shuttle. 

We take great delight in giving your group, event, or trip the ideal transportation solution, and we're here to help. For senior outings, excursions to destinations, banquets, and sporting events, we offer group travel. We have been providing superior event and meeting group transportation services for over 35 years.

With our memorable transfer packages, we specialize in setting up a simple, comfortable transport to your upcoming event at a reasonable price. We specialize in wedding shuttles in Miami, wedding shuttles in Fort Lauderdale, conference shuttles, and more. Get in touch with us for further details and a free estimate.

Church Shuttles

Church Congregation Transportation

Many people would like to attend weekly prayers and meetings at church, but are unable to do so due to a lack of transportation choices, particularly the elderly or individuals who cannot afford a car. It would be much simpler for them to attend if an East Coast Limousine shuttle bus picked them up and dropped them off at their homes or a designated site.

A comfortable and spacious Prevost coach bus, a more compact mini coach, a smaller minibus, or a passenger van are some of your shuttle bus options. Since 1986 we have offered church and spiritual shuttle services from facilities in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

Contact us for more information about our Event and Meeting Shuttles.

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