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Fantasy Fest Bus Charter

Transportation to 
Fantasy Fest Key West

Since 1986, East Coast Limousine has provided charter bus rentals and transfers to Fantasy Fest Key West from facilities in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

 Fantasy Fest is an event that encourages environmental preservation. Even this year, the festival has improved in ways to ensure that while individuals have fun, they are also environmentally responsible. 

Massive recycling programs have been introduced along with the fact that the area is completely void of cars. The policy is to use group transportation facilities to get to the celebration and go back so that the carbon footprint of a 10-day Fantasy Fest is as minimal as possible.

In Terms of History

The Fantasy Fest's beginnings were quite simple. It all began in the 1970s, when tourism and business in the Florida Keys and Key West seemed to come to a halt in October. Many businesses were forced to think of new ways to generate revenue during that time period in order to stay afloat. Bill Conkle, Tony Falcone, Joe Liszka, and Fran Romano were the four people who came up with the idea of throwing a huge party for everyone to attend. They held the first parade in 1979, which is now known as Fantasy Fest.

It's a time to pay homage to the world of fantasy by dressing up in outrageous and extravagant costumes and outfits. Over 60 parties, marches, fairs, balls, and parades are now being held over the course of ten days. Depending on your interests, you can attend the one that appeals to you the most.

Fantasy Fest has been responsible for significantly improving the economy over the years as it has grown into a major phenomenon. More than 75,000 people gather in Florida for the parade and celebrations, coming from all over the country and the world. As a result, hotels, restaurants, and local businesses can benefit from the flurry of activity in the area. The fact that the celebrations last 10 days is also advantageous because profits can be expected over a longer period of time, boosting the economy significantly.

Businesses, however, are not the only ones who benefit from this. Many non-profit organizations and NGOs rely heavily on public donations for their funding. The King and Queen of Fantasy Fest Campaign, for example, collaborate with other businesses to raise funds to help in the cure of AIDS in Monroe County.

There will never be a dull moment during the ten days because there is an endless list of things to do. The first thing you must do is go to the festival. Attend as many parties, balls, parades, and fairs as you possibly can. As you participate in various activities, you will have the opportunity to meet a variety of people. There is always something for everyone to do, regardless of age, gender, race, or orientation.

One of the most important aspects of the Fantasy Fest is that you must dress up. The dress code is laid-back, carefree, and optional. You can dress up in whatever costume you want as long as you express yourself. You don't have to worry about wearing much if you can't find anything to wear.

Not only that, but you can go to the Toga party, which is especially for men. Award winners are chosen based on who has the unique or revealing toga. The best part is that all proceeds from this event will benefit MARC House.

One of the most exciting events at Fantasy Fest is the masquerade march. The march moves through Old Town to the beat of the music, with people drinking, dancing, and laughing along the way. Depending on the number of people, you may have several route options. This is one march you do not want to miss.

It is recommended that you stay until after the 10-day parade has ended. This allows you to turn your party time into a relaxing vacation. You'll be able to enjoy the weather, the water, and the coral reef. You will be able to have fun both during and after the party.

 In light of the fact that the festival is environmentally friendly, cars are discouraged. Instead, the use of bikes and group buses is encouraged. If you are going with a large group of people, you should avail the charter bus services of East Coast Limousine. We have a diverse fleet of sedans, SUVs, passenger vans, minibuses, mini-coaches, and full-size motor coaches that can take you to your destination and bring you back.

As a company, if you have a large group of people to take to the Fantasy Fest, we can partner with you and facilitate the transportation. The journey will jump-start the celebrations as people, in a group setting, interact with one another in an exciting atmosphere. By the time we reach the destination, the party will be in full swing and the celebrations can start right away. Our highly trained, professional chauffeurs will be on standby in case there is a need to go to another location or to go back at the end of the day.

You can count on us to be comfortable, affordable, and efficient. We have been providing charter bus rentals and direct transfers to one of the best parties in the country, Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida, for over 35 years.

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